All Part of the Weekend Heat: Katydids, El Rey, and Nathan Adrian

Katydid--all that's left is the shell.

The katydids were singing big time last evening when Annie and I took our walk.  (Today I found the shell of one on the leaves of a plant in the backyard; hence, the new banner.)  Aside from the bugs’ buzzing, the neighborhood seemed almost deserted.  I’d say that with all this August heat that everyone was out on the back veranda having a mint julep; that is if people had verandas and still drank juleps.  But by the time the sun is nearly gone, it’s pleasant enough.  There’s a coziness about our little sub-division, as it has it’s own physical boundaries, and the style of the homes and all the mature trees, give it a feel all its own, unlike many of the others out here in the county that just slide from one into the other, without a feeling of being some place.

With all the heat of the day, this morning I was up early to get the plants watered and start the sprinkler for the front grass.  Each week day, I swear to myself that I’ll sleep late on Saturday, but when it’s time for Annie to go out in the morning, every green thing that needs a drink pulls me to the task.

After a shower and some coffee, I was after the Saturday errands.  Even at 10, every stop I made had the sun blistering down and the heat radiating up from the cement.  As I was gadding about, I stopped for lunch at location of one of my favorite Cuban-slash-Mexican places, El Rey.  When I lived in my apartment, I made an El Rey drive-thru run at the one on Washington almost every week.  This one sprang up among all the new shops on the north side of I-10 near Memorial City.

Michael Phelps swimming to victory in the 100 Butterfly.

Finally, I made it back home, and after some time of just soakin’ up the AC, I clicked on the TV.  NBC had on the National Swimming Championships from Irvine, California.  At first, I thought it was live, but after looking for other results, I found out that most of what they were showing was pre-recorded.  Anyway, I got to see Michael Phleps winning the 100 Butterfly and Nathan Adrian beating out Ryan Lochte adn Jason Lezak in the 100 Freestyle.  Both were pretty exciting races.  You can check out all the results and other news about the National Swimming Championships here.

Nathan Adrian prior to his win in the 100 Freestyle in the National Championships.

Adrian all smiles after his victory.

Nathan Adrian’s Swim Helps the U.S. 4X100 Relay Team Earn Gold in the World Swimming Championships

Nathan Adrian--his speed in the final split helped pull out the win for the U.S.

Nathan Adrian--his speed in the final split helped pull out the win for the U.S. Want more of Nathan? Check out the Vid Box on the right.

Sunday TV usually doesn’t have much. I never have the stamina to get into “Meet the Press”. Otherwise, until later in the evening it’s just old movie re-runs and infomercials. (Check below if you’re looking for more Nathan Adrian.)

By chance though today, I turned on NBC in time to watch part of the World Swimming Championships taking place in Rome. The highlight of the day for the U.S. swimmers was the 4X100 meter relay. Even with Michael Phelps back into competition a year after the Beijing Olympics and his little misdirection with marijuana, the team to beat according to the commentators was France.

Phelps led off the U.S., but only managed to keep the team in third place. The star of the day for the American swimmers was Nathan Adrian, the fourth man in the relay, who really kicked it. He finished the relay with the fastest split of anyone to touch in 3 minutes, 9.21 seconds for the U.S., beating out the Russians, who finished second, and the French, who got only third.

Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and Matt Grevers watch as Nathan Adrian swims the final leg of the 4X100 relay.

Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and Matt Grevers watch as Nathan Adrian swims the final leg of the 4X100 relay.

The ESPN article had this to say: “The French were the ones who cracked. The Russians touched second in 3:09.52, while France — which sent out four of the world’s fastest sprinters, at least on paper — were relegated to the bronze at 3:09.89.”

Check out all  about the Roma09 Swimming Championships hereLooking for video of Nathan Adrian beating Cesar Cielo in the 2010 Pan Pacific Championships?  Go here.