Cold Weather Comes to Houston: Bad for Tender Plants, But So Good for Blue Fleece Pants and Brand New Sheets

So there’s always someone who goes out at 9:15 in 33-degree weather in their blue fleece pants to take a photo of covered-up tomato plants.  And that’s the back end of a little dog, there, on the right.

It’s cold other places, I know, but when the thermometer dips down below 30°F., it’s darn cold for us here in Houston. 

Right now (9:15 PM C.S.T), it says it is 33° on my thermometer out on the back fence, and it is supposed to be both 27° tonight and tomorrow night.  I know that isn’t so cold for most places, but it’s kind of like getting to the single digits or something in the way it feels here.  I’ve covered the most of my plants as well as I can and put a few in the garage.  I have the majority of my potted ones up against the back of the house and tonight covered.  I’m hoping I’ve covered the tomato plants well enough for them to make it and glad that nothing that I planted on New Year’s Day has peeked through the ground yet.

 I bundled up and got Annie into her pink coat for our walk.  She was frisky in the beginning, but we were both ready to run inside when we got back home.

In some ways the cold is both invigorating and a stimulus for hibernation.  I’ve been leaning toward the direction of hibernation, not really wanting to think too much about the horrible events last Saturday in Tucson.

I returned an item that I had purchased in December to Macy’s, took advantage of the January white sales, and got a really good set of sheets.  Freshly laundered to get the sizing out, they’ve made the bed just the perfect den for hibernation.