Music That Sticks in Your Ears by OBK and Adam Lambert

Some songs stick and never seem to get stale, even though we ourselves might–a little.  One of my favorites, OBK, a Depeche Model-style group from Spain has been around since the early 90s and is till putting out good tune.  One of their

More recent favorite is Adam Lamber of American Idol fame.  His songs have been great from the beginning, but his latest “Ghost Town” really shows off his amazing voice.  The song reminds me of a blend of Lana Del Rey and the theme from “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.”  It’s going to be one of those that “sticks.”

Take a look at them both below.  Be patient with the loading of “A Contrapie.”

Celebrate the Fourth of July with Red, White, and Boy, Erm–Blue; Catch Steve Grand’s New Single and Video

I enjoy gay shorts–gay short films, that is.  They have been a staple of gay film festivals for years, and many classics as well as recent productions are available with just a brief search of youtube or dailymotion.

“All-American Boy” by out, country singer Steve Grand could stand as a short film on its own, but add the lyrics and music and this video becomes something special.  Not to mention Steve is one pretty fine firecracker.  

Download the song and

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