Trip to the Outhouse’s Top Gay People of the Biennium: Matthew, Adam, and Annise

A lot of readers who hit my blog never even take a chance at videos that I’ve got in the Radical Vid Box.  Hey, most of the videos I’ve got in there are music vids; it just happens that the most-viewed are short gay films.  If you happen by my blog, get to know my music too.  You might be surprised.

I know it’s not much of a segue, but I have been wanting to put up a Trip To The Outhouse Top Three Gay People of . . . 2009? 2010? . . . hmm?  No, I guess since I started this blog, which will soon to be about two years ago.  That’s it . . . of the Biennium!

The three people that I put in this category are Matthew Mitcham, the Australian Olympic diver who who a gold medal in the 2008 in Beijing, Adam Lambert, the runner-up in last season’s American Idol, and Annise Parker, Houston’s own new mayor.

I admire all three of them for being successes in their own endeavors and not being afraid to live their lives openly as gay people (in the same way that straight people live their straight lives openly).  Mitcham’s boyfriend, Lachlan Fletcher, was poolside during the Australian’s now famous dive and their story has been covered far and wide.  (Here’s a good one I haven’t linked to before.)   How far Adam Lambert goes is still to be seen, but he’s a good performer, and he doesn’t back down from being who he is.  The video I’ve posted is the best thing I’ve heard from him so far.  As for Annise Parker, the effects of her election to mayor go much further than just our city.

What I really like about all these people is their success counters all the what is said by all the deniers and haters out there who want to put gay people down and somehow give the idea that because of our sexuality, gay people are losers.  But people like Matthew, Adam, and Annise show just how hollow that thinking is and give positive role models to all those young gay kids who desperately need them.

(There are previous posts about all three of these great people on the blog.  Sorry, it’s late and time for bed; let your fingers do the walking.)

What’s Matthew Mitcham Up To These Days?


Matthew Mitcham and his partner Lachlan Fletcher enjoy the time they have together between busy schedules.

Matthew Mitcham and his partner Lachlan Fletcher enjoy the time they have together between busy schedules.

The hits on here indicate that a lot of people are still very into Matthew Mitcham, the Olympic gold-medal diver from Australia.  It seems like he’s been a very busy guy since winning the diving championship last year in Beijing.

According to an interview done by “A year after shooting to worldwide fame, Mitcham isn’t just training for his next diving competition, but is also studying science at Sydney University.”  If you haven’t done so yet, you can read more of the article “Catching Up With Mathew Mitcham” here.

Squidwho also has many photos and links for Matthew Mitcham fans.

New Matthew Mitcham Story Hits the Stands: Olympic Win and Life After the Olympics

matthewmitcham122It seems like there’s an Aussie invasion, with at least five “down-under” friends at our little dog park most evenings and a new hire at work. That “shrimp on the barbe (or is it “Barbie”?) accent is everywhere.

As you can see (as if you’re actually reading this), there’s set to be another Aussie invasion of sorts as Olympic gold-medal winner, Matthew Mitcham, is featured on the cover of the next of issue of The Advocate. (Thanks to Towleroad for this heads-up.) The article, written by Nicholas Fonseca, gives readers an insight into the young Australian’s story, both growing up as a self-aware gay boy and his current rigorous routine as an dedicated athlete, who still follows a strict training regimen. Says Mitcham, remembering being the subject of taunts as a schoolboy, “We all got it . . . I was just so open . . . . It was like it was no fun to call somebody a homo who really is a homo.” Other great photos of Mitcham by Adam Pretty accompany the article.

newmitcham000111The Advocate should be getting lots of extra print runs on this issue. This guy has been popular all over the world since his gold-winning dive in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. No doubt The Advocate will be pulling in more subscriptions from all over the world thanks to just this cover.

There’s a lot more about Mitcham at, including a video of Mitcham taken during the interview.


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Australia Issues Postage Stamps Honoring Out Gay Diver Matthew Mitcham and Other Gold Medalists; The Question Is–Are They Self-Sticking? Or Do You Have To Lick Them?

Australia is producing a set of stamps to honor the Australian Olympic gold medal winners. Of course, one of those stamps is of Matthew Mitcham, the out gay diver, who won the gold in the 10-meter diving competition. These stamps can be ordered in the form of plates, either in a plate of individual gold-medalist or in a plate with the various gold-medal winners. Detailed information is on this Australian Post Office page, and the phone number for making national (Australian) and international can be found here. They say that they are limiting the number printed to 15,000 copies, so it is uncertain the number still available.

Matthew Mitcham–The Dives, The Win, The Honor, The Kiss–The Video That Some of You Have Been Waiting For

Sorry, that vid no longer works; like other stuff on the internet, someone deleted the original source.  Check my vid box for other Mitcham videos.

Check it out in the Vid Box in the right sidebar.

Matthew Mitcham vs. Hurricane Gustav feat. “About the Blog” (Unless you’re into dance music, you won’t get this title.)

Having only been doing this blogging stuff for about six weeks, I never imagined that anyone would take an interest–just thought it’d be a fun way to get back into doing some writing again. (There was a journalism degree earned way back when, after all.) Then when I started writing about the weather here in Houston, and Tropical Storm Edouard came our way, I saw that people were tapping into my posts.

Then I entered a post about a gay Australian kid’s gold medal in Beijing, and as they say, “the hits just kept on coming.” And now, Hurricane Gustav comes along, and plink-plink-plink, the counter continues to move.

I’ve learned a lot about who and what people are interested in. I’ve also discovered how cookies work and that you can find out some interesting information about who’s checking out your blog. I found out that people all over the world are interested in the out gay gold medal winner. I got hits from places i’d never have imagined, like Kenya, Moldova, Saudi Arabia, even Iran. There were lots of hits from Hong Kong and Taiwan, but not a one from mainland China. It makes one wonder if they were just tired of all things Olympic, or was it that any internet freedoms they had during the Olympics had been taken away.

Also there was a lot of interest from those in universities and offices, where some people probably should have been working. Of course, these little cookies can’t tell you exactly who is looking at your page, but I still wonder if that was some forest ranger up there in one of those lookout towers who checked in from the National Forest Service. Somebody else with such a specific government address wanted a look at the Matthew Mitcham post, that I hesitate to mention any details. But when it comes to searches, people are most curious about Matthew’s boyfriend. I was a little curious myself, but I really in no way have the time nor desire for this blog to be I did, however, run across this photo of Matthew and his boyfriend Lachlan Fletcher, which some of you may not have yet seen, so I’ll share it. (They do look pretty cute together, don’t they?)

When it comes to the storms, people just want to know whatever they can find out. I’ve always been fascinated by the weather, so providing information for others, and places where they click to something more specific has been fun.

But as my “stay-cation” is over today, I’ll go back to writing things a bit more personal, and just when I have time. I hope that some of those who came here just because of Matthew Mitcham or Hurricane Gustav will return and check out some of the other posts. And thanks to those who made a comment; those are nice to get as well.


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Matthew Mitcham–The Golden Boy Brings Notoriety and Attention to Australia

When they throw the ball to you, the only thing to do is make a run for it. Or as some would say, give a dog a bone. So this dog is going to chew on this bone just a little more.

It seems that it’s not only me, but A WHOLE LOTTA PEOPLE are very interested in Matthew Mitcham after his win in Beijing over the past weekend. Here almost four days later, the net is still buzzing about his Olympic victory.

A lot of people are complaining in different articles about why NBC didn’t talk about his personal life and the fact that he is an out gay athlete. I’m not sure where I stand on that. On the one hand, I didn’t notice NBC doing much in-depth reporting on the personal aspects of any non-American athletes. Some people were complaining that they talked so much about Michael Phelps and his mom, but not about Matthew Mitcham and his relationship with his mom and boyfriend. The big thing here is (A) NBC is an American television network, (B) Michael Phelps is American and Matthew Mitcham is not, and (C) Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals.

Or if you want to look at it from a more negative perspective, maybe NBC didn’t want to get into trouble like CBS did a couple years ago at the Super Bowl, when Janel Jackson and Justin Timberlake made some fancy moves on stage during the half-time show, and Janet’s boob was showing for a split second before a world-wide audience. Then all the religious conservatives and other straight-laced folk got so up in arms that in the end CBS paid a big fine to the FCC.

Maybe, NBC was worried that these same tight-assed people would get upset seeing Matthew with his boyfriend, which would have terrible effects on their children, and God, forbid, they should see them kissing. Anyway, with everyone having a computer these days, whoever wants to find it can find it if they want ( and probably also Janet Jackson’s boob, not that I have any interest in that).

Even though, NBC didn’t give Matthew much limelight during the games, Australia still seems to be on the young man’s bandwagon. Today (Tuesday), the Australian newspaper, the Sydney Morning Herald’s sports section named him the Performer of the Week, and there’s a nice wrap-up about his dive there.

Anyway, because of Matthew’s success, I’ve learned that there’s more to Australia than kangaroos, shrimp on the barbie (Is it spelled like that doll?), Crocodile Dundee, and last, but certainly not least, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. Despite being surrounded by all that ocean, the Aussies can actually be quite funny. I ran across this clip of an Aussie TV show doing a parody of the Chinese lip-syncing during the opening ceremonies of the Olympics. Looks like she might have a future in the Drag Kings.

(Check here if you’re looking for a photo of Matthew and Lachlan.)