After Hurricane Ike–Newly Updated Sunday, September 28th–What It’s Like From My Place In Houston–Lots Luckier Than the Majority; Also Electricity Outages and School Openings Links; Plus, Aerial Video of Devastated Areas on Galveston Island and Other Coastal Areas

Updated Sunday, September 28th–It’s been more than two-weeks from when Hurricane Ike started with the grey clouds and blustery winds in our area on that Friday somewhere around noontime. I had closed up and protected my 3rd floor apartment near Memorial Park, gathered up Annie and a few belongings, and headed to a relative’s house in Bellaire, Texas (Bellaire is a small city inside Houston) near Highway 59 and Loop 610.

I think we were some of the very lucky ones in the area. The storm was strong, but aside from some superficial wind damage neither the house where I was staying nor my apartment was damaged. Where I was staying, there was a gas stove and gas water heater, so we were never dirty or hungry. I had taken lots of food supplies too. Luckily, I found a small portable TV and could keep up with what was happening both during and after the storm went through. I had my cell, and the regular phone over there never went down.

At the house in Bellaire, the electricity came back on on following Monday about noon, and here at my apartment, about 10 PM on that Tuesday. However, even two weeks later a lot of neighbors in Bellaire and a lot here near Memorial Park still don’t have electricity.

If anyone thinks there is some kind of preference given to who gets their electricity restored first, our neighborhood proves that there isn’t. Here we sit in just mid-range apartments with our refrigerators and ACs buzzing, while just across the street and even right next to Memorial Park, our neighbors in townhomes and houses worth $500,000 to several million are having to sit in the dark or try to keep things going with generators.

All over the area, where stores and businesses have electricity, they are open. Some without electricity are operating by the use of generators. In my area, all of the larger super markets are back to normal, but there are still some businesses without. The McDonald’s near I-10 and Washington still isn’t open because it doesn’t have electricity.

Electricity–Who’s Got it

Centerpoint says all but 12% of it’s customers are back on line, but that still about 275,000.

Schools and What Else Is Open

The Houston Chronicle has tons of Ike information and places for information about what schools and restaurants (and other businesses) are open.

Aerial Video–Galveston Island and Other Devastated Areas

Someone was looking for aerial video of the devastation caused by Hurricane Ike. Here is a link that shows aerial video taken of quite a few of the different coastal areas badly hit by the storm.

Bellaire Information

Thanks to a reader, here is the Bellaire Examiner’s web page, where you can find specific information and news about Bellaire, Texas.

After Hurricane Ike–Dealing with the Effects; Information Links for Residents of Harris, Galveston, and Neighboring Counties

Updated at 9:00 PM CDT, Friday, September 19th–Hurricane Ike passed through the area last Saturday AM.

The following links connect to Harris and surrounding county offices.  Each gives specific information relating to dealing with the after-effects of Hurricane Ike in that particular county.

NASA has an excellent in-depth page on Hurricane Ike here.

Hurricane Ike Updated

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Hurricane Ike has passed through last Saturday.

Click here for local information about Houston after Hurricane Ike.