Another Lesson: Getting the Most for Your Money at the All-You-Can Eat Buffet, Or How To Hide a Gun

9-millimeter Handgun (I had no idea either.)

9-millimeter Handgun (I had no idea either.)

This is not my usual type of post, but I couldn’t resist passing this along. It’s one of those stories that makes you think, “Now has that ever happened before?”

Here in Houston, when someone is arrested they are usually taken to the Houston Municipal Jail, and then if they are not let loose or immediately bailed out, they will be transferred to the Harris County Jail in order to wait for a court appearance or other procedings.

According to a Houston Chronicle article, it seems that one guy who was arrested for bootlegging illegal CD recordings was able to keep a gun on him even though he was searched several times both after his arrest and before entering the city jail and then when he was transferred to the county jail.

George Vera is 5’10” and weighs more than 500 pounds so he was able to hide the 9-millimeter handgun in the folds of his skin during the various searches. It wasn’t until he was taken for a shower that he revealed to a guard that he was hiding a gun.

He is now out on $10,000 bail for both the original bootlegging charge and also for possessing a gun inside a correctional institute.

OK, now go munch on that for awhile.

Jury Duty for City of Houston and Harris County

jury-cartoon1If you get a jury summons for the municipal courts of the city of Houston or for the district courts of Harris County, these two sites give a lot of details about where to park, what to wear, how to re-schedule, what happens if you don’t show up, and other information about serving on a jury. Click on the links below  for more specific information about jury duty, including phone numbers:

(Make sure that you scroll down to see all information on either of these pages.)