Lessons on Buying a House: Living and Learning . . . and Laughing After the Fact

I’ve been hung up with a good ol’ head cold for the last several days, and not really thinking straight (not that I ever really think straight), so when I opened up my gas bill tonight, I thought something was really wrong.  The total was right at $100.  The previous month’s bill had been my first and included a large deposit and hook-up services, but the actual charge for the gas was not bad as I remember.  Remembering at the moment doesn’t seem to be my strong suit (or is it suite?)

I was thinking that  a hundred bucks for one guy to take a hot shower every morning, wash the dishes most every day, and do a load of laudry or two every week with hot water was kinda steep.  Then I had this other thought.

I went back to the original real estate description of my house . . . a lot easier than climbing up into the attic . . . and found out that the house has a gas furnace!  I don’t know why I hadn’t really paid attention to that before.  I know that all the heating and AC checked out OK when I had the inspection.  Heating is a pretty important part of a house, but when the days started getting cold, all that I did was go turn the thermostat on, and didn’t think about whether the heat was electric or gas.

Now I’m laughing at myself because in my old 2-bedroom apartment my electric bill could run more than $200 or more a month in the winter, and the electric furnace didn’t really heat the place that well.  The bill I received today was for 33 days and includes a lot of this last really cold spell that we’ve had; even so, I’m just looking at 100 bucks to heat a 2-story house and heat up the hot water to boot.

As they say (whoever they is), “Live and learn.”   Can I just blame it all on this cold that’s stuffing up my head?  Time for another shot of some blue stuff in a bottle.  I hope it’s the nighttime kind.  Heck, I’m not going to worry about the electric bill; I’ll flip on the kitchen light.