I Want My Gay TV: Check Out “Botineras” from Argentina

I have to admit I haven’t kept up with any regular series much this season.  Tonight I caught most of “Brothers & Sisters”, which I had watched religiously through the first two seasons.  It’s still a good show, but there’s a predictability to it.  It’s nice to see Kevin and Scotty’s storyline given equal status to all the others, but something pretty big is going to have to happen before the end of the season; otherwise, I’m ready to call this one “stale”.

Every time I click over to Logo, either it’s current re-runs of “Rupaul’s Drag Race” or re-runs of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”, something I never watched even when it came out.  The second season of “Drag Race” is probably one season too many.  It was something unique in season one, but more of the same just hasn’t pulled me in this go-round.


Manuel (Cristian Sancho) and Lalo (Ezequiel Castaño) in "Botineras" from Argentina


Something that I hope will be syndicated here in the U.S. on Spanish-language TV is a soap opera (telenovela) out of Argentina, called Botineras.  I just ran across some clips on youtube and with a little further digging found out it’s a show that started last fall and centers on the story of a professional futbol (soccer) team and, of course, all of the intermingling lives.  One of the stories is the gay romance between, Lalo and Manuel, two of the players, one of whom is married.

Several people have posted clips containing the Lalo-Manuel segments on youtube.  So far, there are 15-18 parts, depending on who uploaded them, but they are found in different places.  Start here for Part 1 just in Spanish.  If you want to see it with English subtitles, go here.  I only found the first 8 parts subtitled so far.  I found Parts 14 and 15 here and here.

I’m going to try to embed Part 15, which is recent.  If you watch 15, you’ll be hooked and want to go back and start over with Part 1.

So who’s going to call Telemundo or Univison to get them to syndicate this show here?

I Want My Gay TV (Part IV)

The Maury Povich Show helps quench the thrst for personal dirt.

The Maury Povich Show helps quench the thirst for personal dirt.

I had a chance last week to watch some daytime TV. I like to get my dose of the “judge” shows every once in a while; then I’m good until my next time off comes along. Even a few of the “DNA-who’s the daddy” Maury Povich Shows can glue me to the sofa for a bit.

The daytime talk shows, though, do nothing for me. Years ago Oprah might have been OK, but in that time slot, I will take Judge Judy over Oprah with or without the exclamation point.

Last Friday, my flipper finger did pause a bit and left The Ellen Degeneres Show stay on for a moment. As I said, I’m not really into daytime talk shows, not even Ellen. She’s funny as a comedian, but her talk show, even the dancing, doesn’t make me want to watch. I really haven’t seen her for maybe six months, so what has happened to her look? Why is she wearing all that makeup? Actually, she looks like Twiggy’s twin–today’s Twiggy, not the young Twiggy of the 1960s. All that makeup and pixie haircut on Ellen just doesn’t fit her personality. And it makes her look old.

Is somebody telling these high-profile lesbians that they need to “priss up”? I mean everybody knows Ellen Degeneres is not the lipstick lesbian in that family; her other half is Portia de Rossi after all!

And just now I was watching MSNBC, and there was another “not a lipstick lesbian” Rachel Maddow with her eyes all mascaraed up, cheeks blushed out, and lips over-evident with gloss. I watched The Rachel Maddow Show just last week and her makeup wasn’t shouting out through the TV screen.

I have nothing against makeup, but it needs to be done right and be appropriate for the person. I don’t see that with Ellen and Rachel.

Greek comes on at 7 PM on ABC Family.

Greek comes on at 7 PM on ABC Family.

Monday night two of my favorite shows are on; unfortunately, they start at the same time. The Big Bang Theory on CBS has become absolutely my favorite half-hour comedy show. I suppose there’s something in me that can identify with all of the “nerdliness”. Greek starts at 7 PM (CDT) also, but is an hour-long show focusing on college life, not so much on the study side, but more on the party/relationship side. In Greek on ABC Family, Calvin (played by Paul James, is an out gay fraternity brother, but so far this season, the story lines have given little focus to him. Loyal viewers have been left waiting for any kind of relationship for Calvin to begin.

When it comes to relationships, this past Sunday’s episode of my favorite show, Brothers and Sisters over on ABC had almost all of the romantic relationships ripping apart. The most stable relationship is that of Scotty (Luke MacFarlane) and Kevin (Matthew Rhys), despite last week’s reappearance of Kevin’s hot, ex-boyfriend Chad (Jason Lewis) and the big lip-smacker that he laid on Kevin on their encounter in the street. Actually, there are so many loose ends in the show that it makes one wonder how many of them will be tied up before the season finale, or whether we’ll be left hanging on many fronts over the summer.

Will Chad cause some kind of trouble in Kevin and Scotty's relationship?  (Jason Lewis and Matthew Rhys of ABC's Brothers and Sisters)

Will Chad cause some kind of trouble in Kevin and Scotty's relationship? (Jason Lewis and Matthew Rhys of ABC's Brothers and Sisters)


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I Want My Gay TV (Part II)

Television has been a little bleak here recently, what with some time being given up to the political party conventions (I couldn’t bear to watch old McDrooly get any more boring than he already had been). Some of the new shows are starting soon. I’ll be ready to see the new episodes of “Brothers and Sisters” and “Desperate Housewives”.

Caroline Rhea, Beth Grant, and Ann Walker on "Sordid Lives"

Caroline Rhea, Beth Grant, and Ann Walker on Logo TV's Hit Series "Sordid Lives"

In the meantime, I’ve been turning over to see what’s on Logo and Bravo quite a lot. Would you suppose I wouldn’t? I’m really waiting for the next episode of “Sordid Lives”. I really like that show and do watch the reruns, but I’m not sure how many times I can watch them hit the already dead billy goat with the car.

This week on Bravo, I caught “Tabatha’s Salon Takeover”. On this show, Former “Sheer Genius” contestant–she didn’t win, but ends up with her own show anyway–Tabatha Coffey does for hair salons what Chef Gordon Ramsay does for restaurants in Fox’s “Kitchen Nightmares”–rips them a new hole. However, Tabatha does it in such a more acceptable manner than Ramsay. The Aussies do generally come off better than the Brits, who on these kinds of shows always have an attitude like they have just jammed their fingers in a car door. Another one like that is Nanny Jo on “Super Nanny”. Despite arriving in that cute little British cab, once inside the home, she acts as if she is about to pull a pencil out of her bag and poke somebody’s (usually the dad’s) eyes out. You’d think with all that coddled cream and scones, the British could just be a bit less brutal.

Tabatha Coffey of Tabatha's Salon Takeover"

Tabatha Coffey of "Tabatha's Salon TakeoverLest

Before I digress more, the first show I watched of “Salon Takeover” actually was the 3rd episode; I’ll have to catch the earlier ones on re-run. It was an “all’s well, that ends well” show. The shop is in New Jersey, and the owner, Martino, is out of control in “living the life”. He’s cute enough, to be sure, but just too stereotypically Jersey boy for my taste. Anyway, Tabatha whips him and the shop into shape, and everybody lives happily ever after.

Johnathan Murray and Stephen Tyrone Williams star in the short film "Float"

Johnathan Murray and Stephen Tyrone Williams star in the short film "Float"

Now back to Logo. The other day I ran across a program that I hadn’t seen before; it’s the “Click List: Best in Short Film”. The short film that i saw was “Float”. Just a little over 30 minutes, “Float” is one of those little gems that I like in gay films, but don’t often find. The story is simple; two very different guys meeting, and the changes they go through because of it. The acting and film-making are well-done, and despite it probably being a low-budget film, it has none of the below-par acting and near-porn style cinematography of a lot of American gay-themed movies. Actually, the filmmaker is Bahamian, and the setting is the Bahamas. After I watched this short film on TV, I discovered that you can see it here on Logo’s website. In finding “Float” online, I also found out that Logo has a whole slough of their “Click List: Best in Short Film” available for viewing right here on the computer. Thanks Logo! Even though they may only be a few minutes, many of the shorter gay-themed flicks are much better than their full-length counterparts.

Now I’m off to watch the Texans’ game. Yeah, I do have a variety of tastes when it comes to TV.

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