Rainy Days Make For an Opportunity To Binge-watch a Couple of Gay-Themed Telenovelas

Having a 3-day weekend (Spring Break Day–yeah, one day) allowed me to get the usual weekend chores taken care of early, and with it being a dreary, rainy Saturday, I split time between watching NCAA March Madness basketball and binge-watching a couple of Portuguese telenovelas on YouTube. Thanks to YouTuber Safe Light, the two soaps, Os Nossos Dias Our Time) and O Beijo do Escorpião (Scorpion’s Kiss), have been edited down to just the gay story lines, which are part of both, and added English subtitles. The gay story in Os Nossos Dias is that of David and Xavier, played by Duarte Gomes and Sisley Dias, a couple of guys and their developing relationship.  While Xavier is more open about his sexuality, David has a live-in girl friend, who also works at the same cafe as he does, and is struggling to come to terms with himself and his feelings.  Os Nossos Dias came on air in 2013, and the story is ongoing.  So far, Safe Light has added 33 YouTube segments of David & Xavier. The gay story of O Beijo do Escorpião also features Gomes, this time as Miguel, a pilot for a business jet company.  Gomes is paired up with Pedro Carvalho, who plays Paulo, his best friend and co-pilot.  Though the story begins with  Paulo in a hidden relationship, Miguel seems to be a typical playboy during his non-flying hours.  Their story, of course, has the many twists and turns of any soap, and one must take it as such, it also has moments worth reaching for the Kleenex.

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  1. I loved them both and want more. I found David and Xavier on Dailymotion.com and it had 42 episodes, along with Paulo and Miguel. I also think the subtitles were better. I hope to find more like this. I wished Paulo and Miguel had gone farther showing their life after. I don’t want to be a spoiler but………..

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