What’s Christian about Taking People’s Health Benefits Away?

Last year, in El Paso, Texas, voters pushed by evangelist Tom Brown to penalize gay workers, voted to take health benefits away from domestic partners.  Their mean-spirited ballot measure took away some other municipal workers’ benefits as well.

This week the El Paso City Council voted to restore the benefits to those that  had been affected by last fall’s election.  Evangelist Brown says he’s going to fight the council’s action.

Can anyone explain why people would want to take away health benefits from anyone else?  Is this what christians mean by “doing good”?   In a city that has so many poor people, it would seem that people who say they are christian would want to do more positive things, rather than taking people’s health benefits away.

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  1. I saw your post on the tag surfer and was hoping to bring a little light into the view of a Christian. I don’t discuss politics (it creates so much hate and division) but I understand what you’re saying doing positive things. At the risk of repeating something you already know, here goes:

    Christian means Christ like. So, we are supposed to strive to be more like Christ. He commanded us to love one another…not hate. Some try to press to be more like Christ than others. Everyone sins and has their faults (thanks Adam), hence the need for forgiveness of sins.

    But just as there are many different views and opinions in politics, there are even more in the Christian faith on what we as Christians should be doing or not doing. As well as how it should be done.

    The main thing is to focus on Jesus Christ and NOT on man. I have heard some people say they won’t go to church because they believe a pastor or church member is a hypocrite. Keep your eyes on Jesus, because man will fail you. His love is the most wonderful thing you will ever experience in your whole life.

    Gee, that was lengthy. Sorry about that. Didn’t mean to take all day. in a nutshell – we’re not all alike.

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