Watering To Welcome in Summer

Kitchen Garden 6-19-10 (Too bad the sunflower doesn't show up; it's taller than the fence now.)

Another week, another garden pic. The week itself has been busy, but routine.  For all the watering I’ve been doing, my water bill only went up $15.  Since this is my first summer in the house and also because we haven’t had that much rain, I didn’t know how I’d fair after putting all the water on the lawn and garden.

The garden looks lush and green, but the production hasn’t been all that good, although in reality, maybe better than I had expected.  One tomato plant has more tomatoes than all the rest combined, the beans have just produced a mere handful at each of the three pickings, and the cucumbers seem to shrivel on the vine after they get to be about an inch or two long.   I knew, though, going into it, that the soil was pretty awful, which makes me surprised that the plants have grown as well as they have.

Fresh Garden Salad

I had to take a picture of the one salad that I’ve had with everything from my garden–a simple dish of tomatoes, cucumber, and bits of onion.

Next weekend, I plan to slather on the sunscreen and head into town for the Gay Pride street festival when it starts in the morning and then go back for the parade later that evening.  I’ll post photos here; I have to see how the new camera does with night shots!