View from the Suburbs: More Plants and a Tricky Fountain

The now-working fountain with the pot of amarylis that I've had for more than 15 years. I used to call them "Easter Lilies" because invariably they were in bloom on Easter. This year because of the colder winter, or perhaps the move, they are two weeks late.

My timing was good this weekend.  I found more plants, or perhaps, they found me.  I went looking for a barbeque grill, but ended up with both vegetable and bedding plants.  I added 3 more tomato plants and 4 pepper plants to my sandy plot.  I need to learn more names of flowering plants, but, anyway, three more of various types and colors came home with me yesterday.

This morning a bit after 7, Annie and I headed out for her morning abolutions.  Upon checking on vegetable plot, rather than head back in for more of a snooze, I grabbed the shovel out from the garage and started digging the sand and clay.  Along with plants, I had bough a huge back of good soil and added most of that to holes before setting in the new tomato and pepper plants.  Green peppers aren’t my favorite, so I had decided on a Santa Fe, a mild jalapeño, and another one.  My garden plot is going to be a work in progress for some time.  The previous owners had covered up half of the area with pavers; they must have had a reason, but if I had put my garden there, I’d have got the grass to growing.

So relocating part of the pavers became part of the task, I’d decided to take on, still in my blue fleece pull-on pants and flip-flops.  It’s still cool enough most mornings that I haven’t given up my fleece pants for jogging shorts.

It didn’t take much longer to set in the three flowering plants into the bed at the side of the house.

I’d made an appointment to get my haircut, so I was out on the rode by 10:30 when the first drops of rain started.  The spits continued all down the road.  The heavy downpour started on my way back home.  There was a weird surprise for me when I came out of my garage:  the fountain, which I had thought wasn’t working after the cold winter, was working.  It has an electric pump and somehow I had left the switch on, when I was doing everything and anything a couple of weeks ago to see if it would work.

I mean I don’t even like this fountain, but it’s there, right?  In the end, what I guess had happened was the pump had primed itself because of the rain water going down into it.  Really, I don’t know what is the difference because I had filled it after cleaning it two weeks ago, and nothing had happened.  Anyway, now it is going.

All just a part of the adventure of owning my first house.

As an added note, out here near 529 and Highway 6, we had about 1.5 inches of rain; my soaked backyard looks like we had even more right here.  This will help my newly set plants get a better start, and give the trees and grass a well-needed drink.

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