View from Suburbia: Hang Up and Drive Courteously

Despite what I wrote about not getting the February Blues this year, the colder, gray days haven’t been the impetus that I’ve needed to write; even so, there has been a hodge-podge of ideas running through my mind.

Mostly, though, the drive home and arriving usually no earlier than dusk have made my days feel shorter, and sitting at the computer, putting one word in front of the other (or is it “behind the other”?) hasn’t seemed the most relaxing way to spend what’s left of an evening.

The drive definitely is often wearing, and, though some other drivers can be frustrating, I’ve kept myself from getting too agitated along my route.

We used to hear the slogan “Drive Defensively” but these days I think it should be “Drive Courteously”.  There are many courteous drivers out there on the roads, people who don’t mind opening up their following distance a bit to let another driver get into the lane or those who stop, like they should, when there’s a long line of traffic to let the drivers from a side street get through.

The drivers who aren’t courteous, though, are the ones on their cell phones.  How can they be courteous when they are oblivious to all the  other vehicles around them?  They are the ones who slow down traffic.  They are the ones who nose into the lane of oncoming traffic because they are texting.  They are the ones whose other hand is gesturing animatedly while they are talking, so they must be steering with their knees.  I’m sure if all these yappers would hang up, the traffic would flow more smoothly and everyone could get home more safely and faster.   I’d like to see how well any of them could do on one of those arcade driving games while they are yammering on the phone.  I haven’t really watched Oprah for years, but the other other I noticed that she has a campaign against using cell phones while driving:  “Oprah’s No Phone Zone.”  I hope it takes off big, because from my view on the road, a lot of the windbags on cell phones look like people that might watch her show.


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