2010 Starts in Less Than an Hour, Houston Time

Happy 2010! Here in northwest Harris County the firecrackers–big and small–are constantly popping.  The fireworks stands started cropping up before Christmas, and evidently there were plenty of customers.  The constant blasting started shortly after dusk and hasn’t let up.  This is a big difference from past years when I lived in the city proper and the sound of firecrackers was more sporadic because it’s illegal to shoot them off.  Some still do it, of course, as well as shooting actual firearms.  I can put up with it, and suppose the same will occur when the 4th of July comes around.

Annie hates it and hasn’t ventured far from my side since the first cracks from the fireworks began.  Now she’s sitting on my lap in almost near panic mode, shivering and panting.  I don’t remember her being so frightened by fireworks before, but she has been nervous when it thunders ever since a lightning bolt struck very near us when we were walking home from the park last summer.

They say the way your house looks on New Year’s Day is the way it will stay most of the time for the following year.  I have downstairs in good order.  I finally emptied out the final four boxes from moving that remained and got the contents put away.  Upstairs I started painting this room, which will be the guest room; it’s small, so should be finished by Saturday, even if I don’t work very hard at it.

Here the tradition is blackeyed peas for New Year’s.  I don’t like them all that much so I bought a can of field peas to mix in.  That with some vinegar makes them passable.

The big question now is will we say “Twenty-ten” or “Two thousand ten”?  Whichever–I hope this popping of fireworks brings in a year that will be one where people show respect and love for one another.

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