Lessons in Buying a House: An Update on What’s Happening, Sort of . . .

cartoon houseSince it’s been so long since I’ve posted, I guess I had better put something.  I haven’t been jazzed enough to write, but life otherwise hasn’t slowed down.  Work pulls me along, and I enjoy the routine of the days even though what happens moment by moment is only routine in that something similar has happened before.

The house hunting/buying continues.  I put in an offer on one that was good in price and commute, but not great in neighborhood, and definitely weak in kitchen.  (I might mention that this kitchen had only two drawers, one of which won’t open unless you open the oven door first.  I have a small, but better kitchen in my apartment.)  Actually, the bottom line was that the houses are going for a good price (good meaning low) in this neighborhood, but this seller wouldn’t go down to the range of the comps.  In the end, I was worried that even though I could afford the house, that the finance company’s appraisers wouldn’t appraise it high enough for me to be able to finance it.  I guess too the neighborhood and the house just didn’t feel right for me.

After I had put the offer in on that place, and while the seller wasn’t going down but baby steps in price, I found another place in a neighborhood that I like a lot.  Yeah, it’s out in the “burbs”, but it has a great kitchen.  The appliances do need updating (Do I sound like those first-time homebuyers from HGTV?), but the work space is great!  And I think I might even have to use even my toes to help count all the drawers!  It’s going to mean getting up earlier to get on the road to work, but did I mention the great backyard with even a pergula?  I’m not even sure I know how to spell it.  It’s one of those backyards that won’t take a lot of mowing–just enough to say you did it–and will make a great place for a little papillon dog to play and sniff and human folks to sit and drink ice tea, or whatever, and enjoy the evenings.

My new realtor has been great through all of this, helpful but not pushy, and I will soon add another post to follow up the previous one about what makes him good.  But for the moment, this isn’t over because we still have to put in an offer, negotiate, do the inspection and appraisal, finish the paperwork on the financing (My finance people have been great from the beginning; I guess that should be another post too.), and hopefully do the closing close to Trick ‘r Treat time.

If this all works out, there will be pictures!  And, of course, a PayPal link for donations for new furniture.  Just kidding, folks!

Oh, yeah . . . dig the new banner.  There are lots of toadstools, or mushrooms, whatever you want to call them, now that we finally have had some rain.  They are popping up in many places and seem to be big!  I guess they were just waiting to get through all that dry weather we had for so long.


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  1. The mushroom is so cute!!
    It looks like a parasol and someone is under it.^^

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