Britain’s Hope for the 2012 Olympics Outshines Mitcham at World Diving Championships in Rome

Fifteen-year-old Thomas Daley of Great Britain wins the 10-meter at the World Diving Championships

Fifteen-year-old Thomas Daley of Great Britain wins the 10-meter at the World Diving Championships

For all those enamored with the golden boy of the Beijing Olypmics, out diver, Matthew Mitcham, there may be a new name in town. 

The new guy hails from Great Britain and is just 15 years old.  He’s Thomas Daley, and today the young man defeated a couple of Chinese divers and Australian Mitcham to win the gold in the 10-meter platform at the World Diving Championships at the Stadio Del Nuoto in Rome.

According to KXMB News, “Daley received three perfect 10s and three 9.5s for his final dive Tuesday, barely rippling the water as he sliced through. His winning total was 539.85 points.  Then he watched his main rivals falter on their final attempts.  Qiu Bo of China had a poor entry and finished second with 532.20.

Mitchem, winner of the gold in Beijing, dropped to fourth after botching his dive.

China’s Zhou Luxin took bronze with 530.55, just ahead of Mitcham at 529.50. American David Boudia was sixth.”

Mitcham had this to say about Daley in an article in a Sydney Morning Herald article,  “I really do [support him]. He is a very talented and very well-mannered, polite and friendly young man. . . . I think he could take over the world if he wanted to. He is something I have never seen before. I respect him.”

Britains seem all agog over their new diving star and are hoping for a gold medal in diving in the 2012 Olympics, which will be held in London.

Mitcham fails to medal in the 10-meter dive.

Mitcham fails to medal in the 10-meter dive.


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2 Responses

  1. Matthew Mitcham’s Olympic win was a fluke: he won with a PB score that would not normally get a gold at world level, ahead of several divers with superior PBs who underperformed that day. MM has improved his PB slightly since the Olympics, but Tom Daley now has a superior PB to him and he hasn’t even learned the hardest dives yet. He had beaten MM earlier this year, as had several other divers, and he is second in the 2009 best score chart after one of the Chinese divers, well ahead of MM. I expect future platform titles to be contested by TD and whoever the Chinese select.

    • There was another instance of a “fluke” about 240 years ago when a highly-financed and well-trained army “underperformed” and got its royal butt kicked and a treaty had to be signed, which created a new nation. I’d say in any competition if any competitor gives it his all and beats the others, however highly they might be thought of, that person is the winner, and that win can’t be taken away from them, nor should it be called a fluke. Be proud of your guy, but why be so negative about somebody else’s?

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