“Closer To You” by Dean Monroe–It’s Your Ides of June Present

I can’t say I haven’t ever watched gay adult videos, but I can say I’m really unfamiliar with the names of the performers in them. Are there any that use their given names? Most of them tend be less than realistic, something like “Harry Crankshaft” or “Bart de Reeaire”. Yeah, I made those up, so they’re up for grabs if you’re thinking about going into the porn industry.

That’s why I was just surprised just now. After going over some of the videos in my collection on Vodpod (check out my Radical Vid Box in the right sidebar), I started watching one I had collected awhile back by a guy named Dean Monroe called “Closer To You”. It’s typical club music, but the whole take is gay: gay singer, gay dancers. No doubt about it. And the guy has a good voice.  The song is what they used to call Hi-NRG or, in Spain, bakalao, which I have no idea why, because bakalao means codfish.  I don’t know whether he’s ready for American Idol yet, but this song and his voice are just as good as what I’ve seen come from Eurovision.

So, anyway,  yeah, I was surprised when I started looking for other music by this guy. Turns out that his main gig is in adult movies. He’s got a blog if you’re interested in his singing as well as other talents, and a myspace (you do the search).  It’s clean, so you can take a look even if the kids are in the same room. (I don’t know if you have kids, I’m just sayin’.)

Anyway, I like this song and video. If you want to try out some of the other videos, check out my Vid Box.  It’s stuff I like–mostly music but also short films.


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