Wichita–You’ve Got an Image Problem, Dog Gone It!

dog reading newspaperI’m from Kansas originally, but I’m not all that familiar with the state’s largest city, Wichita. I’ve been there a few times, just to go shopping. Otherwise, I’ve driven through it, flown into the airport on the west edge of town, and, more than anything, taken the bypass around it. I’m sorry, you nice Wichitans who may look at this blog, but your fair city needs a PR campaign–big time.

For years, the story of the ominous BTK killer hung around, and then the conservative politicians and wacko religious nuts couldn’t let Dr. Tiller or his clinic alone.

Worse, though, is how the Wichita Eagle, the air capital’s newspaper, grinds at these stories day after day, dissecting them to the nth degree. Even after BTK was caught and sentenced, every so often out comes another top of the front page story, and it’ll probably be the same now with Tiller and, for sure, his murderer, Roeder.  But it’s not just the big stories that are full of doom and gloom. I click on kansas. com almost every day, and what are the top stories? Shootings, killings, and drunk drivers hitting children. These are not stories that would make a blogger want to buy a retirement home there.

So come on y’all. Put that loose change together and fork out a bit for some positive PR for your city.

I mean stories like this one from today’s Eagle, well, even though they might raise questions that would make a Mennonite chuckle before going to the liquor store right before it closes on Saturday night, they don’t do any good for the city’s image.


The Wichita Eagle

– A 43-year-old man faces criminal charges after neighbors told police they saw him having sex with his roommate’s dog in south Wichita early Saturday morning.

Witnesses told police they heard the dog barking and yelping shortly before 2 a.m. Saturday in the 2000 block of South Santa Fe.

When they looked to see what was going on, they saw the man with the dog in the backyard of the house across the street.

The dog, a mix of labrador and German shepherd, belonged to the suspect’s roommate, police said.

The dog apparently was not injured in the incident, Lt. Troy Livingston of the sex crimes unit said.

Investigators are looking into whether there have been similar incidents at the house or involving the suspect elsewhere, Livingston said.

Investigators will be presenting the case to the Sedgwick County District Attorney’s Office, which will determine what charges will be filed in the case, Livingston said.

Yes, there just are a lot of questions here. One way or the other,  the roommate will have some But who are these people up at 2 AM, peering into other people’s backyards? Mr. Finger may fill us in with more details in tomorrow’s edition.


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