Heavy Rains Roll Through Houston Area Overnight, Some Missing in Flood Waters, White Oak and Buffalo Bayous Very High Downtown

Buffalo Bayou and Allen Parkway near downtown Houston

Buffalo Bayou and Allen Parkway near downtown Houston (KHOU weather cam)

After leaving home late this morning, when the rain seemed to finally have stopped (It was dry enough that I finally got Annie outside to pee; an earlier, unsuccessful attempt at the usual time only got us both wet), I made it to work without any problems, except for slow traffic.  Although the major ramps into and out of downtown on I-45N and I-10E are flooded, I was able to get to work by taking the McKee Street Exit.  Milam and Travis are definitely flooded right now, and Buffalo Bayou has already covered the lower parking lot behind  the Spaghetti Warehouse and the water has risen even more in the last 10 minutes.

Thank goodness, the rain seems to have stopped, but it is still very grey outside.  I brought my camera with me this morning and have taken some amazing pictures (well, the high water is amazing; I don’t know about the pictures), but I didn’t bring the USB cord.  I’ll post some pics later.  I saw a rescue boat going up the Milam ramp just a few minutes ago; alas, I didn’t get a photo.

There are some views from the TranStar traffic cams that show some of the high water, though.  Look at I-45N at I-10 (submerged cars), 59 Southwest at West Loop (high water), and I-10 Katy at Gessner (deep water under 1-10).

If you know Houston, the heaviest rains were in the Katy, Bear Creek, and Spring Branch areas–the west and northwest areas.   In these areas, up to a foot of rain was reported to have fallen in the past 24 hours.  When I was getting ready for work, the TV said they were evacuating people from houses in the Bear Creek area.  Both Buffalo and White Oak Bayous are watersheds for that area, so I don’t expect these bayous to go down soon.  (Buffalo Bayou is actually the waterway that eventually becomes the Houston Ship Channel a few miles further down from Main Street.)

The Houston Chronicle reports some drivers were swept away in the rushing waters and are still missing and that homes were flooded in several areas.

2 Responses

  1. Have they found the drivers who were swept away? How tragic. The power of rushing water is amazing and very scary.

    I feel for you! And doesn’ the forecast call for more? Someone needs to remind Mother Nature about moderation!

  2. Yes, thankfully, there was just one; a guy was still in his SUV that had somehow been washed into a huge culvert drain under the freeway: http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/6400061.html

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