The “Un-Called” For Telemarketer (Part II)–Bank of America Likes To Make My Phone Ring

b-of-a-logoI have a Bank of America credit card, which has a zero balance on it (hurray, me!), but Bank of America would like me to do more with it, so every couple of weeks recently, they have called with some kind of offer or another.  I usually don’t wait to hear what the offer is, though, before hanging up.

I guess they are trying to make back some of the money the government gave them (well, really, we the taxpayers gave them) in stimulus money because they seem really stimulated to call me.

The most frequent offer they come on with is for identity theft coverage.  They, however, are part of the problem when is comes to the possibility of someone stealing my identity because along with the phone calls are all the offers and other correspondence I get from them in the mail.  The most hazardous mail from them comes in the form of personal checks they send to me about every month, which would be payable from my credit card account.  They are not alone among the credit card companies doing this, but at least for me, they do it most frequently.

When I growl at them over the phone about calling so often, the telemarketer tells me they will take me off of their call list, but, of course, that hasn’t happened yet.

I guess some of you might be saying, “Why don’t you just get caller ID?”  I suppose if I did that I’d just growl at AT&T every month when the bill came.


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