The “Un-called” For Telemarketer (Part I)–How To Get Your Number on the Don’t Call List

telefoneIf you’re tired of getting call after call from telemarketers, you can substantially reduce the number of unwanted calls by getting your number put on the “Don’t Call List”, set up by the federal government at

Putting your number on this list won’t completely stop all of the telemarketing calls, but it will make a big dent in the number that you get. Any company that you have an account with, political campaigns, charity organizations and similar groups can still call. However, you can file a complaint against unwarranted solicitations by random companies.

texas-flag-map1If you live in Texas, you can get double protection (well, sort of) as there is also a state “Do Not Call” registration site. Even if you are not a Texas resident, this page has more detailed information about who can legally still call you and how long it takes “the no calling” to go into effect.

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