It’s a Good Time To Curl Up with a Book; Check Out the Award Nominees for the 21st Lambda Book Awards

lgbt-booksWith so many of us with our eyes glued to our monitors these days, it’s no wonder that bookstores are closing their doors and even some big city newspapers are shutting down their presses.  However, there are only so many websites and blogs that a guy can strain his eyes on until he wants to just back off for awhile and say to himself, “Move away from the keyboard.  Move away from the keyboard.”

Unusually chilly and wet, this past weekend was the kind that makes a person just want to curl up under a fuzzy blanket and read a good book, and that’s exactly what I did.  (Because of that, I’ve decided to start a new category on my blog: Gay-themed Book Reviews.)   I try to get my hands on any book that has some connection with gay lives, but to tell the truth, these days it isn’t as easy as in the past.  Big cities used to have at least one gay bookstore (I’m not talking about the adult-video-type bookstore), but many of these have closed in recent years.  Houston’s Hollywood used to have a good section of gay novels and non-fiction, but what they have now is a few shelves of not very current material.  The Barnes and Nobles usually have a few shelves, but the selection there is also hit or miss.  If these large mega-stores have any new gay-themed novels, you might find them mixed in with the regular fiction, but in that case, you have to at least know that the book is out and also know  the name of the author.  These days it’s very hard to find new gay fiction without a lot of hunting, either in a bookstore or online.

Fortunately, the 21st Lambda Literary Foundation Award finalists have just been announced.  I’m not sure how books are nominated for this award, but I’m going to continue looking for some source that gives some listing of new gay books that are being published.  If and when I find a good source, I will definitely post it.

Here are the nominees for Gay Fiction:

  • Stray Dog Winter, David Francis, Mcadam/Cage Publishing
  • The Torturer’s Wife, Thomas Glave, City Light Publishers
  • We Disappear, Scott Heim, HarperCollins
  • The Conversion, Joseph Olshan, St. Martin’s Press
  • The Boomerang Kid, Jay Quinn, Alyson

Check for other GLBT-nominated books here.

I’m going to try to get my hands on at least one of these books very soon; then I’ll add another review to the new category. (Sorry, this post took a left turn or there would be the first review in it already.  That may come later this evening, depending on how far Annie wants to walk after all these past days of rain.)

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