You Gotta Hand It to Them–Kids Like These Are Going To Make a Difference; Judge Orders Florida School To Allow Gay-Straight Alliance To Meet

There’s a pretty amazing little story coming out of Florida today, not that it’s the first of its kind, but every time I read about a case like this, I think, these kids are going to do it; they are making a difference.

gsaIt’s another case where a school district is trying to prevent a group of its students from starting a Gay-Straight Alliance organization in one of the high schools. The courts have already determined in case after case throughout the country that if a school allows any extra-curricular groups, it must allow students to form and use school space for organizations like Gay-Straight Alliances.

In Nassau County, Florida, the school district administrators said that they wouldn’t allow the group to form at Yulee High School unless they changed the name from Gay-Straight Alliance because it violated the district’s abstinence-only policy. Freshman Hannah Page and junior Jacob Brock are taking the district to court and are being represented by the ACLU. Today the judge hearing the suit ordered that the students be allowed to meet even though the final decision hasn’t been made.

These kids are pretty amazing–just a freshman and a junior–and there are so many others out there like them. Among them are more than likely the Barney Franks (U.S. Rep.–MA) and Tammy Balwins (U.S. Rep.–WI) of tomorrow. But these young people already are out and know what they want. They are not going to have to be pushed out of the closet door, and finally, after they are, then start working against discrimination. Here they are, just a freshman and junior in high school, and already demanding the rights that really are theirs!

These are the kind of kids that really make me proud.