“First the Penguins and Now the Blue Ducks. My Gawd, Marianne, There Goes the Neighborhood. What’s Next? The Gays?”

ben-and-jerryAll those holy rollers, baptists, morons (oops), and other so-called christians will be railing once again about what the bible says about what is and is not “natural”, in spite of their total lack of understanding of the meaning of the concept of “natural” a couple of thousand years ago. (If you want to read a very good book that deals with this concept and much more, I recommend finding in the library or bookstore John Boswell’s Christianity, Social Tolerance, and Homosexuality. Be warned this is a lengthy, well-documented, scholarly work, so be prepared to wrap your brain around it.)

But anyway, after the commercial interruption, back to the story.

It seems in England, a couple of ducks have fallen in love. And these two ducks are Ben and Jerry–that’s right two boy ducks. The sticky wicket (Writing with an accent is fun!) is that first, Ben, and later, Jerry were brought in for blind dates with a girl duck, Cherry, though neither Ben nor Jerry wanted much to do with Cherry. (The name “Cherry” makes me think of one of Barney Fife’s rough girlfriends.)

nysfc2Anyway, when Ben met Jerry, it was like–well, like “New York Super Fudge Chunk”–the perfect combination. And Ben and Jerry have been getting along like ducks and water ever since.

Well, now some people are in a pickle about this (or else they want a pickle with their ice cream) because these ducks–Blue Ducks they are–originated in New Zealand, and these are the only three ducks left in Merrie (or is that “gay”) Ol’ England. And if these ducks don’t have ducklings, who’s going to do the queen–I mean who’s going to save the Queen?

Read more about these cute Blue Ducks from the London Telegraph.


Read about the gay penguins.


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