Patrons in Popular Galveston Gay Bar Attacked by Rock Throwers

Robert's Lafitte, Galveston, Texas

Robert's Lafitte, Galveston, Texas

According to this morning’s Houston Chronicle, customers at Robert’s Lafitte, one of Galveston’s gay bars, were attacked by three thugs who entered the establishment and threw large rocks at the customers. Two people were hit in the head, one of whom was taken to the hospital and the other was treated at the club. The attackers ran from the scene, but the police caught them around 10 blocks away and brought them back to the bar, where they were identified by patrons. They are being held in Galveston County Jail on $120,000 bail, charged with assault with a hate crime enhancement.

Robert’s Lafitte has been a popular gay establishment on the Texas gulf coast for many years, but gained international notoriety when it was one of the last businesses to close before and one of the first to re-open after Hurricane Ike devastated the port city of Galveston.

Attacks of this kind are quite unusual in laid-back Galveston, and it has been quite a number of years since there have been publicized arrests of gay-bashers in the entire Houston metro area. This kind of attack does not give good publicity to Galveston, a city hard hit by Hurricane Ike this past fall, and a popular destination for spring-breakers from all over the country.

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