Sean Penn Wins Best Actor and Dustin Lance Black Wins for Best Screenwriting for MILK; Watch Their Moving Acceptance Speeches at the Oscars

I only watched bits and pieces of the the Oscar Awards Show last night.  I hardly ever watch it all the way through; I’m too much of a remote control channel flipper.  Even more, I hardly ever know many of the movies up for the awards because I’m just not a big movie fan.  It takes a lot of recommendations from friends to get me to go see almost any movie.  I suppose it’s because at the movie theater, I miss being able to have that remote in hand in order to flip the channel when a dull moment comes along.

So to tell the truth, I haven’t seen MILK yet, even though it’s been playing at the River Oaks Theatre since it came out.  Now I think I’ll go.  Mostly because of Sean Penn.  Not because Sean Penn plays Harvey Milk and got the Oscar for doing so.  No, it’s because I was fortunate to be watching last night when he accepted his award (luckily, I hadn’t flipped to another channel).  I was definitely touched and choked up by what he said.  Last night, I thought someone might be very quick and get the clip up somewhere on the net, but no one had.  Tonight I found it, watched it, and was very impressed once again.  Take a look.  It’s worth it.

I guess my flippting channels caused me to miss out on another great acceptance speech by the winner of the writer of MILK, Dustin Lance Black, who won the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.  I don’t know much about this guy, but from hearing a bit of his own story in his speech, Black himself might be worthy of having his own story told in a book, or perhaps even on the big screen.  Watch his moving acceptance speech; this guy is the real deal.


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  1. I don’t know if I can see that film, I know how angry it will make me, no matter how ‘uplifting’ it is… 😦 It’s just so shocking to me. Nothing much makes me mad, either.

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