Happy News from Asia: China Allows Gay Marriage

(My animation--just trying to make it "festive")

Even if it is a penguin marriage. According to reports in the Brit paper, The Sun, a pair of gay penguins, who had previously been banished from the colony for trying to steal eggs from the heterosexual paired penguins, have now become the pride and glory of Polarland, a zoo in Harbin, China.

Urged by zoo visitors to give the gay penguins a chance at parenting, the zookeepers let them have eggs that had been rejected by straight penguin mothers. (Sort of reminds you of that case in Great Britain, where the gay couple adopted the two children left abandoned by their mother, doesn’t it?)

In honor of the success of these two gay daddies, the zoo has thrown them a wedding, with red outfits (red is the traditional wedding color) , a march down the aisle, and a feast of fish.

There’s no word of what happened at the bachelor party the night before. “What happens in Harbin–stays in Harbin!”


One Response

  1. Is it weird that I think it’s adorable that the gay penguins were trying to nab eggs from the straight penguins? I just think that’s so dang cute! 🙂 lol

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