Annie Says “So Long” But Not “Goodbye” to a Friend

"A Walk in the Park with Annie"

"A Walk in the Park with Annie"

One of our friends, Asako, is leaving today to go back to her country, Japan. Asako has been in Houston for four years, and during that time I got Annie, so they have known each other since Annie was just about three months old and weighed about a pound and a half. Annie really loves Asako and goes crazy whenever she sees her. Fortunately, we were able to spend a nice day at Memorial Park before Asako went back.

Asako and her husband have been the only ones whom Annie has ever stayed with when I have been out of town, so we are definitely going to miss them.

I wanted Asako to have something to take back with her, so I made this little wall-hanging quilt (15″ x !5″), which I called “A Walk in the Park with Annie”. This one is a bit similar to the “Magnolia Trees” quilt that I made before, but it just “evolved’ moreso than that one. I just stitched pieces together, and then used the cutting wheel to help me create it. I machine-quilted around the figures and added my own rough embroidery to give a bit of dimension.

Closer Detail

Closer Detail

In the end, it’s sort of like those “Where’s Elmo” puzzles, but I think you can find Annie in there.

My first attempt at using the printable fabric sheets to make a label for the back was a failure, so I made a pocket label in which I put Annie’s picture.

It’s simple I know, but I enjoyed making it; maybe there will be an “Annie” series.

The Real Annie

The Real Annie

2 Responses

  1. I appreciate you. Thank you so much.

    Your gift is still in my suitcase.^^ I want to hang it as soon as I start living in new apartment.
    I miss you, Annie and Memorial Park.

  2. Wow! I love the quilt and Annie is sooo cute! I’m sure you’ll see each other again! 🙂 And keeping up with each other on your blog is a great way to do so.

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