Watch E-namorarte–the Spanish Soap Opera Made Just for the Internet Right Here on My Vid Box

Puedes ver la cibornovela, E-namorarte, aqui en mi Vid Box. Hecho en España especialmente para la red, cuenta con 40 capitulos de 3 minutos cada uno. La trama contiene conflictos generaciones, muchos tipos de gustos sexuales y otros temas. Puedes ver todos los capitulos dentro de mi Vid Box. Empieza con el primero 1×01 aqui a la derecha.

You can watch the soap opera, E-namorarte, right here in my Vid Box. It was made in Spain specifically for the Internet, and it’s composed of 40 short episodes of 3 minutes each. The story is a comedy centering on the lives of various characters of a variety of sexual persuasions. You can see Episode 1×01 by clicking on it right here on the right; then go inside (click at the bottom of the box) to watch the others.