Hurricane Gustav’s Silver Lining For TV Viewers

It’s really sad to see the nearly 2 million people forced to evacuate Louisiana and other parts of the Gulf Coast because of Hurricane Gustav. It’s a bit crazy, but there in the cities and towns that the evacuees have left are the newscasters and weather forecasters setting up camp, waiting for the storm to hit.

Sometimes because they are all reporting at once, there’s so much channel flipping going on that one can’t keep track of what they’re saying.

But does that really matter? Not with CNN’s Anderson Cooper “hunkering down” in New Orleans and the Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore “sheltering in place” in Houma, Louisiana. Who wouldn’t mind “hunkering” or “sheltering” with either one of them?


One Response

  1. salut,
    Yes. it’s very sad to see that.

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