Jury Duty for City of Houston and Harris County

jury-cartoon1If you get a jury summons for the municipal courts of the city of Houston or for the district courts of Harris County, these two sites give a lot of details about where to park, what to wear, how to re-schedule, what happens if you don’t show up, and other information about serving on a jury. Click on the links below  for more specific information about jury duty, including phone numbers:

(Make sure that you scroll down to see all information on either of these pages.)

Matthew Mitcham, Out Australian Diver Wins Gold in Beijing

Matthew Mitcham, an out gay diver from Australia, made a big come-back in his last dive in the 10-meter platform dive winning the gold medal to the chagrin of the Chinese who were hoping to make a sweep in diving. He had been in second place going into the sixth and final dive, but he scored an amazing 35 points in that dive, for a total of 112.10,to move past Zhou, the Chinese diver who had been in first going into the last dive. Mitcham, who earlier had missed out on getting into the 3 meter finals because of nerves seemed to calm himself down in a big way, especially for the final gold-winning dive. You can see part of his gold-medal dive here.

Men’s 10m Platform, Final Standings
Gold–Australia — Matthew Mitcham, 537.95 points
Silver–China — Zhou Luxin, 533.15
Bronze–Russia — Gleb Galperin, 525.80

Here’s a great article by Bob Ballard, a BBC reporter covering diving at the Olympics, telling about the moments of the dive itself and what occurred directly afterward.