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I Want My Gay TV (Part I)

Noah and Luke from ATWT

Noah and Luke from ATWT

Ty (Jason Dottley) of Sordid Lives

Ty (Jason Dottley) of Sordid Lives

Because I’m on “stay-cation”, I’ve been trying to soak up enough daytime television so that I’ll be tired of it and will have had my fill until my days off from work come around. I prefer the “judge” shows to the talk shows, even though some of the judges are attempting to bridge the gap with all the DNA testing and “who’s the daddy” crap.

Today, I’ve been flipping back and forth between “Judge David Young” and “As the World Turns”. since both have at least a little “gay-ness” to them. With Judge Young, the producers are trying to give another flavor to an otherwise abundance of daytime court TV. He’s not the Hispanic judge; he’s not the Black judge; he’s not the “bitchy woman” judge–he’s the gay judge. What I like about this show is that they seem to really use the law more than personal drama in the lives of the plaintiff and the defendants. However, Judge Young’s attempt at using Judge Judy’s cattiness to show authority oftentimes comes across as just being snotty.

Not having seen “ATWT” for so long, I was hoping to catch up on what’s happening with Luke and Noah’s story, but this cute couple was nowhere to been today–at least during my channel-flipping fury. It had been so long since I had scene the show that I had little idea about any of the story lines, except the one of Luke’s parents. But surprise, surprise! Luke had a new mother! Anyway, there was a new actress playing his mother. And . . . she looks quite a bit younger. She also has a boyfriend that looks like he should be going to college with Luke and Noah. I guess that’s just one of the characteristics of soap operas; they always stretch one’s limits of believability. Probably why I don’t get into them very much–my believability has gotten stretched so many times, it’s lost its elasticity.

Since I got my new cable upgrade (read about it here), I’ve been watching Logo. It has a few good shows, but they do lots of reruns (good if you missed something, but how many times do they need to repeat it?). The best show by far is “Sordid Lives”. It really should be on network TV. It’s as good as “Desperate Housewives” with the Southern flavor of “Steel Magnolias” and a bit of “Hee Haw” thrown in to boot.

Speaking of “Desperate Housewives”, I’m a latecomer when it comes to that show, but it along with my favorite “Brothers and Sisters” makes me look forward to Sunday night TV, just like I looked forward to watching “Bonanza” and “What’s My Line?” when I was a kid. The story-lines and the acting are so well done on “Brothers and Sisters” that they should film more episodes so that there are no re-runs during the whole season!

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