A Couple of Bright Spots for Your Rainy (or whatever) Day

Here’s a couple of vids to brighten up your rainy, stuck-at-home-because-of-Tropical Storm Eduoard day.

If you have read any of my earlier posts, you might know that I have been into techno/techno-pop/pop/rock in Spanish for a good long time. Yeah, I have kinda eclectic interests–Spanish music, papillons, politics, quilting, demography, Kansas history–more depending on what day it is. Maybe if you want to know, some day I can write a post about how I got interested in this music. Here are two videos I really like; both are from Spain. I’ve always liked the European flavor of these kinds of music even though I have tons of stuff from Latin America too.

Andermay is a duo that’s more or less new too me. Gotta love the Almodovar colors in the set. Entre tu y yo

Haze (Ah-say) is a reggaeton/hip-hop artist. This one’s not very new, but it still works.

Potenzia Pa’ Tu Carro

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