Annie’s Parents

If you want to see Annie’s mom and dad, you can go to the kennel website.  They are here in the local area. This is where I got Annie. Shirley, the breeder is very nice, and from my experience, I know that she really cares about her dogs. If you look at the Special Needs Adoption page, you’ll see Annie’s mom. It’s sad because Lola has fluid on the brain now, so Shirley won’t breed her anymore. She has to take a diuretic each day, but other than that she is OK. That’s why she is trying to adopt her to a good home. If you look at the Breeds page, and then Papillons, you’ll find DJ. That’s Annie’s dad. Annie looks a lot more like him in coloring, but has more of Lola’s structure.

If you ever want a dog that’s peppy, smart, and people-friendly, a papillon could be the dog for you. Annie was really easy to house-train, and even though she has longer hair, she doesn’t really shed and doesn’t need to be brushed very often. I bathe her at home in the bathroom sink, but every couple of months I take her to Petsmart to get her nails clipped. They can do it so much faster than I could, but really even if I wanted to do it, I think I’d need 3 or 4 hands.