In Those Days, You Couldn’t Just Tear It Up . . .

"Mystery Man"

"Mystery Man"

I have had this old tin-type photo among my possessions for a long time. Most all of the old pictures are some family member or relative of some type. Almost all of them have identifying names on the back either in my hand or someone else’s, but this young guy has always been a mystery. All through the years whenever I took out my old pictures, I had thought this was just a single man in the photo, and, thus, created all sorts of little stories in my head about him.

Then a couple of days ago, I scanned this tin-type as I want to send a file of my old pictures to my sister. There, to my surprise, I see that this young man hadn’t been alone in the photo; the other person had been scratched out–obliterated for time.

Now a new mystery unfolds. Did this young man scratch out the other person in the photo? Did some later love interest get ahold of the photo and do the scratching out? I think this mystery even the “Cold Case Detectives” couldn’t figure out, because I doubt whether I’ll have any way to know the identity of this man.

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