A Couple of My Quilts

Quilt on My Wall

Quilt on My Wall

Quilt I Made for my Sister-in-Law

Quilt I Made for my Sister-in-Law

Dog? Quilt? Dog? Quilt? Since I got Annie, my quilting has basically been on hiatus. Dropped pins and pieces of fabric on the floor just don’t work very well with a small puppy. Now that she is older, she doesn’t really bother with much except for her own toys and chewies, so I need to start back. Maybe the creative juices will reappear soon. The bright one hangs on the wall behind me in my computer slash music slash sewing room. I’ve always liked to work with the brigher greens and reds. The other was a gift for my sister-in-law’s birthday. She had given me some fat quarters for Christmas, and I rushed to get it done for her birthday in January, and I made it, mailed it, and she had it for her birthday. It’s a take on the Drunkard’s Path pattern. Actually the bright one is a bit smaller than the other–it’s about 22″X26″ and the other is around 30″x30″. Both of them are hand-quilted; I’m not bad when I get into the rhythm of it.  I think a quilt that is hand-quilted has a nicer feel to it, but a very light batting is really the only way to go!


If you’re interested, here’s another of my quilts, my favorite, actually.

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  1. Really enjoyed reading your blog about quilting and such. I like your magnolia quilt, don’t you just love color? My macho nephew is a quilter also. Does beautiful work. My daughter and my sister’s daughter don’t sew at all, so I’ve told the nephew he inherits my fabric stash when I’m gone.

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