Time for a Little Talk about Christianity and Reality Shows

1) TV is really bad these days, especially all of these talent-type reality shows. If these people were really all that talented, they would already be in show biz. Moreover, why do we have to have all these Brits and Australians judging and MCing these shows? I like an accent as much as the next person, but do they have to come with all that attitude? You can get a green card to work in the U.S. if you have some special skill, but I don’t think having an accent is any kind of skill at all. We’ve got so many Americans who can judge well, host well, and even be nasty if that’s what’s necessary to get viewers. I think we should just throw Simon Cow (Cowell? Cawell?) et al in Boston Harbor just like the tea!

2) If any of you reading this are still trying to use the bible and leviticus to maintain your prejudices against gay people, you shouldn’t be doing any work on Sundays, don’t be touching any pig (let alone eating any pork), your preacher better not wear glasses, and, oh, yes, go out and get you a few slaves because you can have some (well, somebody else could have you as a slave too, for that matter). After all these years, people just saying, “but the bible says . . .” just makes me sick. If you are one of them, you’re just a big ol’ hypocrite.