Jury Duty

Today I had municipal jury duty. I’d been several times before, and so I expected it was going to be a long wait, just read my book, get really bored, and finally get let go to go home. Actually, it was part of that, but today I was chosen for a jury. I also learned some new things, the most interesting that Texas is just one of seven states that still allows those being charged with misdemeanors with only fines (not jail time) to ask for a jury trial. I really saw that it serves its purpose too. Knowing that expectant jurors are waiting pushes everyone–prosecutors, court officials, and defendants–to move along and get finished with the cases one way or another. Though there are some strange aspects of Texas law, I think this one is a good one.

One Response

  1. Soon I have to serve time. Jury duty, I mean!! For the first time ever. Used to be my kids got me out of it. You know, the I-have-to-be-home-to-take-care-of-my-kids excuse. It was true. They needed me. But now that we are all so much older, the kids and I, I have to be responsible in another way and go to jury duty. I am sooo dreading it.

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