This is my dog, Annie, a 5-pound (mas o menos), 2-year-old Papillon, who at this very moment has forced me into a game of fetch (she’s fetching–not me). She’s probably one of the best dogs that anyone could meet. And, by theway, I made the quilt that she is lying on.

Fishing on the flooded Smoky River

I never saw the Smoky Hill River flooded like that. It probably is an old photo taken in the very early 1900s near Dorrance, Kansas, where I grew up. (That’s where not when.) The Cedar Bluff Dam was built in Trego county in the late 1940s or early 1950s, so I doubt if the Smoky ever flooded like that afterwards. However, a lot of water could come from Big Creek up near Hays, Victoria, and Gorham, and that could add a lot of water to the river. Even though our house was just a quarter of a mile from the river, it sat high enough up that it never got flooded, but I remember our own little creek getting wide and flooding down into our barn, which sat on lower ground.